The Impact of Work Teams

At Pico Escondido, we love work teams. Their impact is huge!

This spring we had a trip leader who participated on a team here in 2001. It has been fun to hear her comparing experiences and also comparing pictures taken from the same places 17 years apart. Below you will see two of these photos. The difference is dramatic. Almost everything in these photos was done by US work teams, even the few structures that were present in the older photo, and the trees, which were almost all planted by work teams.

Work teams continue to have a similar impact on the physical structure at camp. They have built gazebos, constructed an entire amphitheater, installed benches, fabricated bleachers for club, created a trail and covered much of it with rock, painted, done lots of landscaping, and on and on and on.

But even though much of what exists at Pico Escondido was made at least partially by work teams, their impact doesn’t stop there. The entire camp facilities and infrastructure are a tool for the Gospel presentation, so their work helps create eternal benefits. Second, our staff and volunteers are energized by the work teams. They are given the gift to see through the eyes of a newcomer the beauty of this place, and through telling them our stories we are reminded of why we do what we do – to present Jesus to adolescents and help them to grow in their faith.

If you have come to the Dominican Republic on a work trip, thank you! If you haven’t, come and see and be a part of this great experience!

Written by Roy Clifford…learn more on their blog.



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