Hauling Rocks

Stephanie and Jess became close friends in middle school and went on many mission trips through their local church. In the spring of 2008, while attending Hope College, they decided to go on a Young Life Expedition to Pico Escondido in the Dominican Republic. This spring, 10 years later, Stephanie and Jess returned to Pico Escondido!




“Pico Escondido looked so different than it did in 2008. When we first went, there was no gym, no big swing, no extra dorms, or even an athletic field! In 2008 the “swimming pool” was a big hole that was stream-fed, the cafeteria was a lot smaller, and even the gazebo was still in the dream-stage!”


This year Stephanie and Jess got to see a finished gazebo (in 2008 they helped stain wood for it), they saw the retaining wall (that they hauled rocks to help build) holding up the side of the mountain by the athletic field, and they swam in a real swimming pool!

Although there were so many changes, the coolest part was that Pico was still the magical, peaceful place they remembered. They still got to work alongside incredible Dominican staff and kids as they worked on building projects. They still got to see Young Life club in action-but this time see how much it had grown, and they still so very much felt the presence of Jesus in that place! Pico Escondido will forever hold a special place in their hearts, and hopefully next time it wont be ten years in between visits.

Hauling rocks in 2008, and still hauling rocks in 2018!


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