Young Life Serves

We had so much fun being together on YL Serves Day!

Our YoungLives mentors, committee, and their young children went to a pregnancy center to make some diaper cakes for new moms. Not only did they start a new relationship with the pregnancy center, but they also had a ton of fun. Our YoungLive staff person said that as she was leaving with her kids, one of them said,

 “Mom, that was so much more fun than I thought it would be!  We want to go back again sometime and help more!”.

I think it’s so cool how our ministry can have a deep impact on families and we can show even young kids that serving others can be fun.  Our Campaigner kids also gathered to pack 100 bagged lunches and 150 bags of toiletries for families in need.

I loved seeing our kids sacrifice time and money to buy supplies and pack these bags. We spent the majority of our time writing uplifting quotes, verses, and jokes on the paper bags so that whoever received the bag would know that they are valued and loved. Our group realized that we had run short on a few items, and one kid jumped up and volunteered to run to Walmart to buy about $25 worth of soap and shampoo. The enthusiasm and sacrifice displayed by our high school friends was incredible to watch!

Written by: Casey Carback


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