No Passport Needed

Did you know there are opportunities to serve with Expeditions in the U.S.?

Grace took a team of girls from her Young Life club to Memphis, TN for a week of service. That week they had the opportunity to bike around Memphis, help with several school & church cleaning projects, work at a kitchen that provides meals for the poor and participate in a park clean-up project. In addition to the work, they connected with people in Memphis and had the chance to hear their story’s. Each night they met as a team and processed what they were experiencing, prayed together and explored what the Bible had to say about service.


“God really shined throughout the week on our team. He showed us who needed help and why. He gave us a purpose, gave us a reason and gave us a chance to be someone that we have always wanted to be, someone extraordinary! In one week we were able to see some of His amazing work in Memphis and I learned that He is in everyone, no matter what their story is….He is with them for the long run.”
                        – Grace
To learn more about places to serve in the US click here or if you’d like an Expeditions team to serve in your community please contact us.

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