Entertainment Ideas for Long Flights

We’ve all been there before, getting ready to settle in for a long flight when “ack!” the movie screen on the seatback in front of us is out…or the selection is weak…or you’ve already been on so many flights this month that you’ve watched all of the good ones. What now?

Here is a (non-definitive) list of how I entertain myself on a long flight:

Hoopla: this is a free app available from most libraries, simply download to your phone, enter in your library card info and the app will let you download a set amount of ebooks and audiobooks for free each month, usually 3-6 titles. Once you check out a book make sure to download it to your phone before you take off!


The Young Life Podcast: Young Life has been rocking it with these podcasts, download them before your flight and maybe check out a few other solid podcasts while you’re at it. I really like the Typology podcast, Planet Money, and Christ Community Church-Oak Ridge.





Language Pratice: If you’re on your way to a new country why not learn a bit of the language? Duolingo is a free app that offers most major world languages. However, only a few lessons at a time will be downloaded to your phone.


Babbel is a subscription based app (around $13 for a month, or if you get a year’s worth it’s $7 per month) it allows you to download lessons to your phone so you can brush up on travel phrases, grammar, vocab or take full intensive courses. This is what I use and I’m a big fan of it.


Here is a link for a free week with Babble.

Spend time with Jesus: Bust out that Bible and your journal and spend some time praying for your Expedition, your heart, your team, and the people you will meet (or spend some time processing what you learned and what God did on your way home).

Write thank you letters: It is likely that there is a whole crew who made it possible for you to go on your Expedition, pick up some postcards once you reach your destination and on the flight home write postcards telling your friends and family all that God did on your Expedition.

Two Dots: This is a stilly phone game but it can be quite addicting. I also enjoy candy crush. Not super proud of either of those but they are part of my “long flight strategy.” The trick for me is that I only allow myself to play them on flights, that way they don’t take over my life.


Read: Bring a good old fashioned book or magazine and get lost in its pages.

Make art: I one time on a flight brought some pastels and paper and spent some time just creating art. You could bring crayons, colored pencils or even watercolors on the flight.

Write us a blog!: We are always looking for more content for this blog. Did God do something rad on your Expedition? Have a funny or moving story from your time with your new international friends? Tell us about it and we may feature it here on our blog!

We’d love to hear your strategies for long flights, be sure to share a comment!


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