YL St Thomas – Clean Water Project

Melissa and Seth Rogati are on Young Life staff in St Thomas. In the wake of two hurricanes they faithfully continue to support and serve those living in the US Virgin Islands through a Clean Water Project. Here is an update on the project from Melissa:


After much prayer and discussion on how we could continue to serve teenagers on St Thomas this school year, we decided to begin raising money to get clean water filters into public schools.
Rather than only serving the schools where we have Young Life and relationships with kids, we are aiming to raise $20,000 to provide filters for every public school, elementary through high school, on St Thomas and St John.
Many kids will remain without power and running water at home for many months. Communities also continue to flood with every rain storm and we don’t want any kid to feel they need to drink questionable or unsafe water. Our desire is for kids to know that while they are at school they have access to clean safe drinking water.
To date, we have raised over $17,000 for our clean water project. I’m excited to tell you that that amount will go further than we’d originally planned because Sawyer offered us incredible discounts on the water filters.
Our first order of filters is in transit and we plan to put in another order to complete the filters needed for all St Thomas and St John schools. Because of the discount given on filters, we are also inquiring about providing fliters for all schools on St Croix as well.


As the heavy lifting of this Clean Water Project is finally coming to a close and we wait for the filters to arrive, we are now discussing the logistics of resuming Young Life and WyldLife clubs. We are still under curfew and many roads are dangerous enough that most people don’t want to drive after dark. However, we are talking to kids, parents, and school officials to see how we can best resume meeting regularly with kids.
If you would like to give toward this effort you can do so by giving to Young Life’s Latin America and Caribbean Disaster Fund HERE. Please write in that your gift is sponsoring “Water for St Thomas” so that your gift will be earmarked for this initiative.
Pictured to the right are rushing rapids covering the road we drive to school and a community where a large number of our WyldLife kids live.
— Melissa Rogati, St. Thomas Young Life Area Director

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