Pack Like A Pro

Sometimes, this is how I feel about packing…it’s too overwhelming!  I GIVE UP!

…or maybe I just want to take my dog wherever I go.


Confession: I am not a planner.  It cramps my spontaneous, keep-my-options-open style.  Except when it comes to packing.  I lived in India for 3 years after college, and now I travel almost 4 months out of the year, domestically and internationally.  However, I didn’t learn how to pack well until recently.  Last March I was gone for a month (Nashville, India, Nepal, and Hong Kong) and each place required a different kind of outfit.

Nashville… hipster

India… salwar tops (long tops that cover your bum)

Nepal… trekking clothes and boots

Hong Kong… conservative but cute/western (those women are super classy!)

I only took 1 checked bag, 1 carry-on suitcase and my backpack (considered my “personal item”).  How did I do it?  Here are some tips and product recommendations:



  • I packed my heaviest items in my carry-on suitcase, so that my checked bag wouldn’t exceed the 50-pound weight limit.  Bring a rolling carry-on suitcase so you won’t break your back with those heavy books or shoes
  • Timbuk2 is my favorite!  Durable, life-time warranty, and lots of compartments!

Airport Security

  • Shoes – wear ones that come on and off easily
  • Laptop – if you bring it, make sure you have easy access because you usually have to put it in a separate bin when you go through security

Plane Carry-ons


  • Tops that will go with one or two pairs of pants
  • T-shirts – if you’re going on a service trip, you can re-wear shirts on work days!  Everybody will stink so no one is going to notice or care
  • Shoes – be strategic! Tennis shoes, sandals, semi-nice shoes for non-work times

Shampoo/Conditioner/Body Wash

  • Don’t bring the whole bottle, use travel containers.  Put them in a plastic bag or consider buying a travel bag like this one from Eddie Bauer

My Go-To Items


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